Power Zones Calculator

Power Zone RPE Power
1 1-2
2 2-3
3 3-4
4 4-5
5 6-7
6 7-8
7 9-10

Power Zones Calculator: Optimize Your Training Based on FTP

What is FTP (Functional Threshold Power)?

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power, which represents the amount of power (measured in watts) you can generate for one hour. Knowing your FTP allows you to accurately determine your cycling power zones, which are crucial for training and racing.

Why is my FTP important?

Watts have revolutionized cycling over the last decade, making FTP a key metric in training plans built around power zones. Your FTP helps you pace yourself during races and maintain a sustainable power output, ensuring maximum performance.

How to Determine Your FTP

The most accurate method to determine your FTP is an all-out one-hour ride. However, a 20-minute all-out FTP test is the most common approach. The average power of the 20-minute effort, multiplied by 0.95, gives you your FTP.

Cycling Power Zones and their Impact on Training

There are seven power zones, determined by your FTP, that impact your training:

  • Zone 1: Active Recovery - Easy riding for recovery.
  • Zone 2: Endurance - Builds endurance with high training volume.
  • Zone 3: Tempo - A brisk pace, useful for maintaining fitness.
  • Zone 4: Lactate Threshold - Crucial for time trials and sustained efforts.
  • Zone 5: VO2 Max - Intense efforts for quick FTP gains.
  • Zone 6: Anaerobic Capacity - Short, high-power efforts for sprints and explosive moves.
  • Zone 7: Neuromuscular - Maximum power output for sprinting and high-intensity efforts.

RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

RPE is a scale from 1-10, indicating the perceived difficulty of a ride, useful when riding without a power meter.

Power Measurement in Cycling

Power is measured in watts using equipment like power meters and smart trainers. Training by power zones is precise and efficient, leading to significant improvements.

Improve Your Cycling Performance with the Power Zones Calculator

Optimize your training based on your FTP with the power zones calculator and unlock your full potential on the bike.

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